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Alcohol and Its Effects on Testosterone

alcohol and its effects on testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone that develops youths into men. It is this hormone that is at the back of forceful masculine manners.

Not simply this, it is also the hormone that regulates sex urge and erectile task in males.

Numerous studies have established that the levels of testosterone in males nowadays are twenty-five percent lesser than the levels of testosterone in their age-harmonized equivalents from the nineteen eighties.

The testosterone is accountable for the manliness of men. One more thing that makes males more mannish is to imbibe alcohol. Plenty of individuals each time relish their holidays by intake of alcohol.

This is especially very usual among college students and employed persons in the same way.

One of the chief causes why they adore drinking is for the reason that they can go out with associates, have a worthy time.

The Truth About Alcohol…

Alcohol is theoretically a habit forming toxin; though considered a pleasant, superb, soothing, socially embedded bitterness it is said to ease and assuage your nerves following a long day full of hectic activities.

No doubt, it relaxes your tongue and assists you bed gorgeous women; so far so good! But regrettably, you have merely learned half the truth while discussing alcohol.

Intake of disproportionate quantity of alcohol during a brief period of time not only makes you fat but also makes you diabetic.

Furthermore, contemporary investigations have revealed that the consequences of consumption of excessive alcohol are ruthless for the testosterone. How?

Essentially, the manufacture of testosterone is obstructed by intake of alcohol, particularly by sinking the creation of Leydig cells and aggregating the manufacture of cortisol and estrogen, which are both brand-named as obstructers of testosterone.

Apart from these reasons, intake of excessive alcohol could also amplify the danger of having liver ailment and several malignancies; and this is all triggered by acetaldehyde…the main itemization product of alcohol which works on the Leydig cells (those present nearby the seminiferous tubules in the testes.

They create testosterone in the company of luteinizing hormone) openly to diminish the creation of testosterone. The fall in the levels of testosterone can even be more austere in those with dwindling levels of Vitamin E.

There are several aspects that men are required to be acquainted with about alcohol and its results on your body.

Since currently, all men are so tempted to drink alcohol, they should also be mindful of the damaging constituents of alcohol and how deviously it disturbs their body.

Though it is not immoral to drink alcohol intermittently, yet at the same time, men should also be careful so that it should not have any instantaneous influences on their body and potency.

What Studies Tell Us

One study revealed that a substantial dose of alcohol on some grown-up males dropped the levels of testosterone (and at the same time elevated the levels of cortisol) for twenty-four hours subsequently.

Another study revealed that men affiliated with army had depleted levels of free and total testosterone and elevated levels of estrogen subsequent to intake of alcohol.

A number of studies in Holland established that reasonable drinking decreased the levels of testosterone by seven percent and elevated the levels of High density lipoproteins by twelve percent.

Alcohol is also a tarnished elevator of estrogen; it does so by disturbing the P450 enzyme subsystem of the liver in an undesirable way.

Essentially, it decelerates the capacity of your body to process estrogen, permitting it to accumulate in your blood circulation. There are countless harmful facets to intake of alcohol on a regular basis.

If alcohol is imbibed consistently, these levels may commence to decrease unfailingly, initiating your body to become accustomed to the idea of not having so much testosterone inside it.


Never overlook the fact that alcohol contests your testosterone in virtually every undesirable manner:

  • Its itemization products unswervingly decrease the manufacture of Leydig cells
  • It intensifies the levels of cortisol and estrogen, both of which are recognized obstructers of testosterone
  • Intake of alcohol increases the danger for all gastrointestinal malignancies
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