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DAA (by PrimaForce): Review


There are quite a few testosterone supplements out there that rely on one ingredient. DAA by PrimaForce is a prime example. This supplement relies solely on D-aspartic acid, which admittedly does have a gleaming track record when it comes to testosterone enhancement.

But is D-aspartic acid on its own sufficient?

Advertising Claims

  • Provides hormonal support

Manufacturer Name & Address

Address not provided, however they can be contacted on this page:


D-Aspartic Acid (3,000 mg) is a regulator of amino acids within the body. There is widespread agreement that this ingredient plays a positive role in enhancing male fertility. Recent tests seem to suggest that D-aspartic acid can be a major contributor to testosterone enhancement.

Here are a couple of examples of studies looking into the workings of D-aspartic acid.

Study 1

30 male subjects were administered with 2.66 g daily over 90 days. Improvements in sperm quality AND testosterone were noted. See study here.

Study 2

43 male subjects were administered with 3 g daily over 12 days. Increases in LH and testosterone synthesis occurred both in humans as well as rats. See study here.

Nevertheless, experts believe that D-aspartic acid needs to be continuously consumed in order to enjoy its benefits, because testosterone levels have known to return to levels prior to supplementation in as little as 4 weeks once it ceases.

Is the Marketing Honest?

There’s only one marketing claim, provides hormonal support. I think this marketing claim seems to be honest because there are numerous D-aspartic acid studies that seem to point to positive bearings on testosterone levels.

As stated earlier, the only downside of D-aspartic acid is its effects can be extremely short-lived, therefore continuous use is necessary.

Does DAA by PrimaForce Come With a Moneyback Guarantee?


Can DAA by PrimaForce Trigger Any Side Effects?

DAA by PrimaForce appears to be side-effect free.

How Much Is It?

  • 1 container (33 servings), 100 grams $12.98
  • 2 containers + 1 free (100 servings), 300 grams $20.98

DAA by PrimaForce Pros & Cons


  • Cheap
  • Lives up to advertising claim
  • Side-effect free


  • No moneyback guarantee
  • Needs to be continuously used (effects short-lived)

Where Can I Buy DAA by PrimaForce?

You can buy DAA by PrimaForce from

DAA by PrimaForce Final Verdict

DAA by PrimaForce appears to be a high quality supplement that will no doubt increase your testosterone levels. However, it will need to be continuously used for its effects to be long lasting.

Moreover, it’s extremely cheap and there don’t appear to be any worrying side effects associated with DAA by PrimaForce.

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