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Free Testosterone: What Exactly Is It?


There are three dissimilar varieties of testosterone moving in your body:

  • Free testosterone
  • SHBG- attached testosterone
  • Albumin-attached testosterone

When you get checked, there are two tests you can acquire:

  1. Free testosterone: This may be tested if a male or a female experiences erotic harms. By tradition, the free testosterone has been believed to be the organically active constituent and the proper quantity of depleted testosterone is free testosterone…the one that is permitted to be expended by the body. Free testosterone is the testosterone in the blood that is obtainable to attach to receptors in the brain, muscle, and other tissues of the body. Free testosterone is also termed the bio-available testosterone because it is attainable to be employed by the body. Free testosterone is the magnitude of unrestricted testosterone (which every so often takes account of albumin-attached testosterone also for the reason that it can definitely transform to free testosterone. Free or unrestricted testosterone is usually calculated in pictograms for each milliliter. Since free testosterone comprises such a little fraction of your whole testosterone, it is surely difficult to quantity precisely. Therefore, when you observe search on customary levels of testosterone, it generally concentrates on overall testosterone.
  2. Total testosterone: This is the entire quantity of testosterone floating in your blood at the time of the test. Total testosterone is usually calculated in ng/dl, or nanograms per deciliter.
  3. Free, SHBG-attached, and albumin-attached collectively

The greatest amount of flowing testosterone is attached to Sex hormone-binding globulin which in males is referred to as testosterone-binding globulin.

A reduced portion is attached to albumin and a minor quantity survives as free testosterone.

Males, who go through depleted levels of testosterone, make the following complaints:

  • Exhaustion
  • Feebleness
  • Reduced sleep
  • Lowly attentiveness
  • Reduced power
  • Decreased muscle bulk
  • Diminished sexual desire

When blood examinations endorse a testosterone setback, they can be productively cured with testosterone replacement therapy.

Although various males testify that their physician tested their overall testosterone and declared it to be within agreeable limits; on the other hand, the truth is that though the over-all testosterone of a male can be within standard limits, yet the free testosterone can be depleted giving them the warning signs of depleted testosterone.

According to a recent research investigation, quantifying the free testosterone along with total testosterone may arrange for a more correct representation than calculating total-testosterone levels only.

There is a fear that, under contemporary clinical approaches, some males are mis-identified with testosterone insufficiency and accept untimely treatment, whereas others who should acquire treatment don’t obtain it.

At present, over-all testosterone levels are used as an extent of testosterone insufficiency.

Nevertheless, only free testosterone, uninhibited by sex-hormone–binding globulin, can pass in and trigger androgen receptors in cells, bringing about testosterone…intervened influences.

Results From Studies

A group of research scientists evaluated almost three thousand community-lodging males between forty to seventy-nine years of age and the average outcome time was 4.5 years.

They equaled three sets of men:

  1. Those with both standard overall testosterone and standard estimated free testosterone
  2. Males with standard overall testosterone and stumpy free testosterone
  3. Males with little over-all testosterone and normal free testosterone

Males in set 1 were in shoddier health and had lesser hemoglobin; after correction for unobserved exposure associated with exposure of interest, males in set 1 had less numerous erections in the morning, supplementary impairment of erectile function, and more bodily symptoms, and more distress walking one kilometer and leaning over than those in the source set.

The lesser hemoglobin levels of males with depleted free testosterone might recommend anemia or androgen insufficiency; they may have clinical features that recommend decrease or deficiency of discharge of hormones or other physiological action of the testes but their testosterone levels might specify that there is no unruly.

In disagreement, males with subdued whole testosterone but standard free testosterone were youthful and displayed smaller amount of variances matched with the referent set for health status, even though they had the maximum body mass index, and sixty percent had metabolic syndrome, matched with merely twenty percent of the reference set.

This authenticates the perception whereby fatness is a common cause of mis-judgment of hypogonadism.

This is a clinically vital research investigation that defends the free-hormone theory, in that secluded stumpy free testosterone was connected with symptoms of androgen insufficiency, whereas secluded whole testosterone was not.

Doctors should observe free-testosterone levels in addition to overall level, particularly if the patient has clinical manifestations of testosterone insufficiency.


It would be better to use free testosterone rather than whole testosterone to quantify deficiency, particularly in males who have dubious levels of overall testosterone.

As a matter of fact, free testosterone is more instructive than whole testosterone. The quantities of free-testosterone performed consistently in most laboratories are absolute immunoassays and are erroneous and distressed by adjustments in SHBG.

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