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High SHBG: Why Does it Increase and What Can You Do About It

High SHBG Why Does it Increase and What Can You Do About It

SHBG is a glycoprotein, which comprises a carbohydrate as well as a protein, and is manufactured mostly in the liver.

It attaches to three sex hormones present in males and females:

  1. Estrogen
  2. Dihydrotestosterone
  3. Testosterone

Its task is to carry these hormones all the way through the blood to other intricate structures in the body.

SHBG has a greater attraction for Dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, in contrast to estrogens. SHBG also defends these dynamic hormones from unbecoming excessively briskly and inhibits their dispersion from the body.

Consequently it performs as the leading supervisor of the sex hormone levels, sustaining the subtle equilibrium between estrogen and testosterone precarious to general health in elderly humans.

Since SHBG performs much like a hormone, therefore identifying an individual’s SHBG levels (in addition to the levels of testosterone and estrogen) provides a more exact representation of his general health and permits him to take defensive actions against dangerous situations for which he may be at bigger threat.

As he grows old, SHBG levels may progressively increase, despite that the manufacture of testosterone continue to weaken.

As a consequence, SHGB attaches to the small amount of testosterone which he has and decreases their bioavailability to the cells in his body. It may not be out of place to mention here that

Bioavailable testosterone is basically the blend of the small amount of free testosterone in addition to the much bigger quantity of testosterone that is inaccurately connected to albumin.

In broad-spectrum, elevated SHBG conveys that less testosterone is bioavailable, whereas lesser SHBG conveys that more testosterone is bioavailable.

With raised SHBG in the blood, excessive testosterone may be cut off and consequently unapproachable by the healthy tissues.

For males, elevated SHBG levels forecast more austere and offensive tumor development in males afflicted with malignancy of prostate.

The link is so resilient that various urologists have proposed usage of SHBG levels as the usual pre-operative evaluation to detect individuals who are at an elevated threat of offensive malignancy and who need to go through a more antagonistic surgical process.

Authorities also recognize that a regular elevation in SHBG while getting old is candidly associated with bone loss and brittle bones in males and females.

A number of experts are now proposing routine evaluation of SHBG as a valuable innovative marker for forecasting harshness of brittle bones (osteoporosis.)

Furthermore, Sex hormone-binding globulin may be responsible for significant evidence that a person is influenced by obstructive sleep apnea (when respiration continually discontinues and begins during sleep due to obstruction of the upper air ways.)

During a research investigation, the levels of SHBG and total testosterone amplified meaningfully subsequent to three months of sleep apnea treatment with unremitting positive airway pressure.

Firsthand scientific confirmation has exposed crucial significance of SHBG which happens to be a vital controller of the testosterone and estrogen levels of a man.

Fresh testimony further specifies that the SHBG itself performs an additional crucial part in the body: carrying crucial pointers to the following:

  • The heart
  • The brain
  • The adipose tissue

Hyperthyroidism upsurges SHBG levels. In circumstances when calculation of true worthwhile thyroid status may be demanding, a raised SHBG level proposes hyperthyroidism, whereas a normal level indicates euthyroidism or very nearly…euthyroidism.

In persons with slow but sure deterioration of hypothyroidism (such as toxic nodular goiter), sequential evaluation of SHBG quantity, may help in the scheduling of verdicts of management.

Likewise, assessment of SHBG may be valuable in adjustment of oppressive TSH treatment for individuals with nodular thyroid disease or treated malignancy of thyroid.

Ways to lower high SHBG:

1. Boron: It is a trace mineral which has a valuable role in the endocrine system.

According to a research investigation, intake of 10 milligram of Boron for a period of seven days was sufficient to lessen the levels of SHBG in serum.

2. Carbohydrates: Research investigations repetitively exhibit that high carbohydrate foods expressively lessen the levels of SHBG.

3. Intake of Vitamin D: Though tagged as a Vitamin, it is actually a steroid hormone that controls more than 1000 tasks of the body. Consequently, those who want to lessen their SHBG amount should start taking Vitamin D3 by exposing themselves to sunshine for some fraction of the day in addition to consumption of ample amount of fish. Fish oil has been revealed to upsurge the manufacture of luteinizing hormone that motivates the testes to create testosterone.

4. Intake of dietary fiber: It decreases the levels of SHBG.

5. Testosterone itself lessens the count of SHBG

6. Estrogen also influences SHBG: Lesser levels of estrogen serve to decrease the values of SHBG.

7. Intake of the most essential element Magnesium: It is vital for adjustment of lots of enzymes in the body. According to a research investigation the intake of Magnesium in combination with work out serves to lessen the levels of SHBG.

8. Intake of Zinc: Numerous research investigations reveal that the intake of Zinc decreases SHBG and mends sperm constraints.


SHBG is an exceptionally vital performer in your everyday body chemistry.

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