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How Is Free Testosterone Calculated?

How Is Free Testosterone Calculated?

Testosterone flows in blood attached to Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin and albumin.

The non-protein segment of testosterone is generally referred to as free testosterone. There has been argument over the past few years, whether the free testosterone is the main portion available to the tissues.

It has been suggested that the testosterone attached to albumin is also presented to tissues as binding is of low readiness.

Modest biochemical methods have been established to calculate this non-SHBG segment of testosterone.

This segment can also be governed by computation.

Even though a number of folks employ the term bioavailable for non-SHBG attached testosterone to exclude misunderstanding, yet it is used as a nonspecific term for all of the above and free testosterone, calculated free testosterone and non-SHBG attached testosterone for the diverse segments.

All, except the straightforward calculation by profitable evaluation of free testosterone, necessitate whole testosterone for their fortitude and therefore are distressed by the inaccuracies of calculation of testosterone.

Ways and means to calculate free testosterone consist of the following:

  1. Direct calculation
  2. By using a principle or fraction
  3. By using a marketable kit

Assessment of serum intensities of free testosterone by computation is a low-priced and unfussy technique. The mounting importance in calculating blood free testosterone is reserved by the inappropriateness of the laborious reference methods for comprehensive approval in mundane investigative laboratories.

Free Testosterone

Since the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin intensity upsurges with age, a depleted level of testosterone may be linked with a free testosterone lower than the reference series in grown-up men.

Free testosterone may be calculated precisely using the following:

  1. Equilibrium dialysis
  2. Ultrafiltration
  3. Balanced state gel filtration

All the aforementioned techniques are extensive, necessitate an extraordinary amount of ability and are inappropriate for regular use and therefore for the predictable exploration of lessening or nonexistence of hormone secretion or other physiological activity of the testes) in the ageing.

The undeviating dimension by equilibrium dialysis has been used as the citation method in investigations of the dissimilar approaches for testosterone having a biological effect.

Estimated Free Testosterone

Devious scientific techniques, using customary procedures for testosterone, SHBG and albumin specifically, have been presented to afford an evaluation of the free testosterone intensity.

More intricate computations (that take into attention the binding attractions of the binding proteins for testosterone) have been created and are the most frequently used.

These techniques necessitate the calculation of albumin and (in some methods) cortisol-binding globulin, as well as testosterone and SHBG and they hinge on the appropriate association coefficients being known.

On the other hand, testified relationship constants of SHBG for testosterone differ.

Results From Studies

Some authorities have scanned the scientific value of a modest fraction of testosterone and SHBG intensities (frequently referred to as the free androgen index) as a gauge of the free testosterone level and have equated this quantity with other processes of bio-available testosterone.

According to Vermeulen and colleagues, this technique has an amazing connection with equilibrium dialysis (r = 0·848) but the relationship is inconstant and they established that the Free Androgen Index is an unpredictable guide of bioavailable testosterone.

Marketable Tools

Marketable tools are also presented for the calculation of free testosterone.

Vermeulen and colleagues associated the outcomes of the Coat-a-Count (Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics) equivalent RIA kit with equilibrium dialysis and established that even if the techniques had an elevated correspondence of r = 0·937 the tools gave around twenty percent the result from equilibrium dialysis.

Fritz and colleagues have additionally inspected this tool making use of equilibrium dialysis and in arrangements of transformed protein and SHBG intensities.

They established that the outcomes from this tool were associated with testosterone intensities and not to free testosterone.


Calculation of blood testosterone intensity has fundamental significance in the clinical calculation of male procreative task.

Even though immunoassay of blood total testosterone has long been the customary magnitude, speculative points of view have been radical for calculating the free testosterone.

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