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Iodine: Can it Increase Testosterone?


It is not an undisclosed reality that during olden times, males had much greater levels of testosterone as compared to the contemporary period. Then they were able to pick up any amount of weight quite effortlessly.

How were they able to accomplish it?

The response is positioned in their elevated testosterone levels. Hardly a century ago, the array of testosterone in an adult man used to be somewhere between 800-2000 nanograms per deciliter.

However, nowadays, the typical testosterone level of a grownup man is around 400-500 nano grams per deciliter, with the whole likely array between 200-800 nano grams per deciliter.

A Word About Iodine…

Iodine is an indispensable constituent that is needed by each solitary cell in the human body.

It is located naturally in seaweed, specifically kelp, and is identified to have an extensive range of valuable effects in the human body.

Moreover, iodine has the following attributes:

  • It is an anti-oxidant
  • An anti-viral
  • An anti-bacterial
  • An anti-fungal
  • Regulates the cortisol response of the body during anxiety
  • Mends sleep
  • Offers regulation of oestrogens
  • Maintains function of the thyroid gland
  • Intensifies hormonal sensitivity in all the tissues of the brain and the body
  • Surges eradication of lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, fluoride and bromide. 
  • Decreases creation of histamine

Iodine is a very important mineral for your body and is located in each cell of your body; it serves to escalate the levels of testosterone considerably.

However, iodine is something that the majority of people are deficient in.

Not only it assists your thyroid gland to generate hormones but is critical for a correct operation of the thyroid gland. The latter influences the production of hormones by your body.

In turn, those hormones control how much testosterone is produced by you.

Males also require iodine for the maintenance of prostate health; therefore iodine deficiency is connected with depressed levels of testosterone, strengthened glumness and increase in body weight.

Owing to its extensive influences all through the body, renewal of iodine stores can have numerous divergent effects in sportspersons.

Better temperament and attentiveness along with intense sleep.

Sportspersons and weightlifters are more possible to be lacking in iodine. A litre of perspiration holds about 40mcg iodine, which simply conveys that they could misplace around 150mcg of iodine each day.

Re-establishing mislaid stocks of iodine will provide a chief advantage to any sportsperson.

Though the aforementioned effects are valuable for all and sundry, sportspersons could take advantage more than most other people.

How to Use Iodine

It is sad that during the existing era, most males are deficient in iodine in their bodies.

Given, iodine is a mineral that is massively important for the production of testosterone in the body, therefore thyroid gland requires iodine to create testosterone.

As a consequence, one should endeavor to take account of foods that are opulent in iodine in their food; some of these take in the following:

  1. Milk
  2. Turkey
  3. Seafood (The aquatic world congregates the biggest warehouse of iodine foods, together with Kelp, Arame, Hiziki, Kombu, and Wakame, tuna, shrimps, cod etc.)
  4. Cranberries (This fruit opulent in antioxidants is a prodigious cradle of iodine)
  5. Yogurt (organic)
  6. Straw berries( the organic ones)
  7. Fresh organic cheese
  8. Organic potatoes
  9. Organic eggs

As a side note, let us tell you that opposing to the widely held conviction, iodized salt does not offer your body with what it requires. Japan used to claim an everyday intake of an average of 12 milligram of iodine via their unusual consumption of seaweeds like Arame and Kombu.

However, ever since the atomic catastrophe of Fukushima, these seaweeds have become adulterated and are unfit for consumption.

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