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Progesterone: Can It Improve Erectile Dysfunction?


Progesterone is a hormone existent in males, females and kids. Everybody requires a minor amount of progesterone for wellbeing and durability Males also require it for complete erotic role.

The task of progesterone has been ruthlessly underrated in males. Most controlled research investigations have concentrated on the effects of progesterone on females, and its function in males has been ignored.

It is merely lately that researchers have begun to recognize how vital this hormone is in males.

The Many Roles of Progesterone

Progesterone is tagged as a feminine hormone, given that it performs an important role in ovulation, gestation and productiveness in females.

So far so good!

What the greatest number of males doesn’t understand is that plasma levels of progesterone are remarkably elevated in males and seems to perform a substantial role in masculine health.

Amazingly, it can also assist a number of males in the bedroom and numerous unconventional and anti-aging doctors are essentially making use of progesterone to assist them treat erectile dysfunction and other male-associated health problems.

Similar to testosterone, progesterone boosts the sexual desire in men; it also improves their temperament, assists them to maintain their weight within normal limits and intensifies muscle bulk.

Furthermore, it provides them more vitality, tougher bones, durable erections and a full multitude of other health reimbursements.

Progesterone also upsurges the levels of testosterone in their body and augments its effects.

At the same time, it diminishes estrogen and counteracts its effects.

When it comes to defining a bloke’s manliness such as his muscle mass, sexual desire, sperm count, and erectile function, the modern research explorations propose progesterone to be as essential as estrogen and testosterone.

As a matter of fact, progesterone is a predecessor to estrogen and testosterone (indicating that both estrogen and testosterone are created from progesterone), consequently progesterone performs an immense role in determining the levels of estrogen and testosterone.

Progesterone has several of its identifiable effects on the body; various research explorations propose that progesterone performs a role quite similar to that of testosterone to such an extent that it can even be well thought-out as a another male sex hormone!

During a research investigation, investigators established that the levels of progesterone and testosterone increase and decrease jointly in periodic manners.

Together testosterone and progesterone levels increase collectively in reaction to augmented sexual action in males.

Progesterone is also recognized to powerfully inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha- reductase, which changes testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

The latter is an identified cause of male configuration hairlessness, unusual increase in the size of prostate gland as well as malignancy of the same.

By hindering 5-alpha-reductase, progesterone serves to stimulate advanced levels of testosterone in the male body.

Not only does progesterone increases the levels of testosterone but has analogous actions to it. Furthermore, it also performs against estrogen, in a manner which is much similar to that of testosterone.

Progesterone annoys the consequences of estrogen on the body by means of several diverse procedures. Just like testosterone, progesterone decreases estrogen- motivated malignancies such as that of prostate in males, and that of breast and endometrium in females.

When males reach the middle age, their levels of testosterone and progesterone drop, whereas the levels of their estrogen upsurge.

When elevated levels of estrogen are unimpeded by those of testosterone and progesterone, it shows the way to a situation known as estrogen supremacy and is the solitary most vital cause of enlargement of male breasts.

With the process of aging, testosterone gets transformed into di-hydrotestosterone, which is thought to be the source of benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as malignancy of prostate.

Oestrogens (the levels of which also upsurge when male ages) serve to encourage the development of cells. Since progesterone is an authoritative contradictory balance for estrogen, therefore it is indispensable for males.

The Good News for Men!

Investigators are by now onto the information that progesterone is quite significant for erotic enactment in men. Moreover, progesterone unbelievably remedies erectile dysfunction in lots of males.

During a study, the hormone disequilibrium in quite a few males was rectified by substituting the hormones that were lacking.

Being well aware of the fact that hormone discrepancy is one fraction of erectile dysfunction, the investigators were confident that rectifying this hormone would result in complete erections.

To their enormous surprise they were absolutely right and were able to marvelously accomplish an improvement in erectile dysfunction despite the fact that the partakers were suffering from medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

Not only was the flow of blood to their penises increase but they were also able to attain erections normally. The investigators concluded that progesterone influences both the endocrine as well as the blood circulation sides of the male system.

Yes! Progesterone is capable of improving erectile dysfunction and there is some research based evidence that points toward the fact that progesterone can be an almost incredible remedy for males suffering from erectile dysfunction, particularly when joined with testosterone treatment. Actually, progesterone can assist in adjusting and even lessening noradrenaline…a stress hormone.

The latter is recognized for being the hormone which opposes erection and an excess of it positions the constraints on rock hard erections.


Sperm hyper-activation may not sound like a good thing, but it’s actually important in order for the egg to be fertilized.  Progesterone is actually one of the major factors responsible for this. [12]


Progesterone makes males masculine enough to impregnate females of their choice; however any external supplement of Progesterone should be used under the supervision of an experienced doctor.


One of the Peak Testosterone Forum members reported that progesterone restored the size of his testes:

“As a side note, (just thought about this), I do have a fair amount of testicular atrophy going on because I was so low testosterone for so many years. I found that using progesterone cream stopped the atrophy. You can find more about this by Googling “men and progesterone”. However, the above does not make sense to me and was contradicted by an animal study.

DOSAGES:  The dose that physicians seem to be using is based on a couple of reports that I have seen on the Peak Testosterone Forum and are in the 10-50 mg/day range when it comes to the creams.  Again, I do not know about long term safety and nor does anyone else, but here is what these men reported:

“I use Source Naturals natural progesterone cream, which has 500 mg progesterone per ounce, or 22 mg per 1/4 teaspoon. I use about 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. Don’t go by the instructions on the package, as these are for perimenopausal women. I use it every day without a break.” 

“I have been discussing a progesterone/Testosterone compound with my physician. He states that he has many of his patients on a compounded cream of prog/test (10mg/50mg daily) from a pharmacy in town. He said that the progesterone will help block some of the estrogen, therefore blocking some estrogen side effects.”

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