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Progesterone: The Ultimate Estradiol Suppressant

Progesterone: The Ultimate Estradiol Suppressant

The human body performs finest when it is well-adjusted in every single capacity. When one capacity is out of stability the whole body becomes distressed.

Progesterone is well thought-out to be the ‘mother of all hormones.’

This hormone is one of two chief female hormones, the other is the estrogen. In fact, males also have progesterone.

Though progesterone has various dissimilar effects, yet its main task is to be in control of defense against undue activity of estrogen
As a consequence, numerous of progesterone’s properties are entirely contradictory to those of estrogen. Progesterone is also in authority for taming sexual urge and sexual desire.

It can even neutralize undesirable effects of too much estrogen on temperament, such as sadness and apprehension; and that is the reason why progesterone is occasionally referred to as the happy hormone owing to its soothing and mood- elevating values.

This hormone has numerous additional functions other than its procreative functions.

It has been perceived to assist the following:

  • Tames the memory
  • Elevates core body temperature
  • Acts as a muscle relaxant
  • Performs a role in maintaining normal bone and thyroid function
  • Performs a role in the growth of wholesome nerve cells and function of brain and thyroid gland
  • Lessens twinges
  • Decreases the action of gall bladder
  • Aids to steady the effects of estrogen
  • Helps with guaranteeing appropriate sleep
  • Decreases sleeplessness
  • Serves as a building component of bones
  • Assists with function of urinary bladder
  • Helps with maintenance of temperament
  • Proliferates scalp hair
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Depresses the possibility of migraines
  • Helps maintain the level of numerous minerals in the body
  • Aids in the construction of bones
  • Achieves many other dynamic tasks…

Therefore, the setback is not elevated levels of estrogen, but that estrogen which is unrestricted by progesterone. Furthermore, it is valuable to equate unchecked estrogen to the progesterone harmonizing consequence to realize the significance of progesterone.

Things Which Serve to Decrease Progesterone

  • A low operational thyroid
  • Intake of antidepressants
  • Vitamin deficits
  • Anxiety
  • Too much consumption of junk food
  • Excessive intake of animal fats
  • Intake of white sugar

Progesterone is manufactured in the following organs:

  1. The adrenal glands
  2. The ovaries
  3. Brain
  4. The placenta at the time of pregnancy

It is an essential antecedent hormone for the production of testosterone, estrogen and corticosteroids (steroid hormones produced in the adrenal cortex.)
Estrogen and progesterone are diligently unified in numerous ways.

In routinely operational premenopausal females, estrogens are prepared from the following:

  1. Progesterone
  2. Androgens inside the cells of the ovaries

Following menopause, estrogens are transformed from androgens produced in the adrenal glands (chiefly in the body flab.)

A basic step to hormone equilibrium is to identify when estrogen becomes the governing hormone and progesterone is underprovided.

Research investigations have confirmed that biological progesterone assists to counterpoise the undesirable effects of estrogen.

When there is not sufficient progesterone to counterpoise estrogen, gentlemen may start to experience symptoms of estrogen supremacy such as:

  • Breast amplification
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of bone mass
  • Impotency
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Male styled baldheadedness
  • Gain in weight
  • Depleted sexual urge


Hormones have an intense influence on your daily health and happiness. Even though merely existent in small quantities, they influence every one cell of the body. Not only do hormones have distinct effects, but they also work together with one another to create restrained as well as unrestrained effects in the body.

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