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SHBG: Low Levels and the Associated Problems

SHBG Low Levels and the Associated Problems

Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is a protein that is created by the liver and connects firmly to the following hormones:

  1. Testosterone
  2. Dihydrotestosterone
  3. Estradiol

In this attached form, this protein conveys these hormones in the blood in the form of organically static varieties. A lot of males have ascertained that SHBG attaches to a bit more than half of their testosterone particles and makes them out of order.

Owing to this, as SHBG rises, the unattached testosterone decreases.

Various doctors are keen on concentrating on free testosterone (which is not attached to SHBG or one more protein known as albumin.)

And the decree is straightforward i.e. as SHBG decreases, free testosterone increases.

The latter is considered to be that variety of testosterone which is not only dynamic but is depicted to work on tissues.

It may be pertinent to mention here that the testosterone attached to albumin can easily be separated and utilized.

Subdued values of SHBG are frequently a signal of many of the nastiest persistent ailments that men are confronting nowadays:

  1. Stoutness and feeling heavy: Depleted SHBG is linked with stoutness. The intention is possibly due to a failure of insulin sensitivity.
  2. Lesser levels of Insulin: There is indication that intensifying insulin decreases SHBG. The latter is frequently a cautionary pointer of insulin and blood sugar problems.
  3. Threat of ischemic heart disease (linked with depressed SHBG, which essentially denotes hastened arteriosclerosis and diminished blood flow to the heart.
  4. Diabetes Mellitus
  5. Metabolic Syndrome
  6. Diminished strength
  7. Apnea: (short-term interruption of breathing, particularly during sleep.) Apnea can disturb your reference line levels of testosterone by thirty percent or further. Additional research investigations have revealed that apnea meaningfully decreases SHBG also.
  8. Obesity: Since weight gain can be a cause of mislaying of insulin sensitivity, decreased values of SHBG are linked with additional weight.
  9. Inflammation: A research exploration displayed that decreased values of SHBG were linked with raised levels of C- reactive protein…one of the indicators of systemic inflammation (that is associated with heart disease, dementia and autoimmune disorders.)
  10. Hypothyroidism: One research exploration displayed that decreased values of SHBG were interconnected with hypothyroidism and could even be reversed by modifying the basic thyroid problem.
  11. Raised values of triglycerides: Numerous research explorations have established that raised levels of triglycerides, which are a threat for both cardiac ailments and erectile impairment, are also bound with decreased values of SHBG.

What’s the Remedy?

  • Modify any underlying problems and rectify any impaired function of the thyroid gland, workouts, lessen the glycemic stock in your meals, and mislay any extra fat.
  • Adopt various natural ways to elevate the values of SHBG by correcting any primary medical ailment.
  • Numerous explorations on males revealed that the intake of coffee elevates the values of SHBG.
  • Some research studies have revealed that green tea escalates the values of SHBG.
  • A research investigation on males discovered that low fat diets improved the levels of SHBG, possibly on account of the fact that they upsurge insulin sensitivity. Therefore, one modest way to increase the levels of your SHBG a bit is to consume a diet that has a low glycemic index and has a decreased fat content. These manners of food intake will inverse any pre-diabetes mellitus or diabetes mellitus that has afflicted you and lessen any arterial plaques. A comparable research investigation revealed the same outcome and proposed that fiber may perform a significant role too.
  • A research investigation revealed that hypothyroid males who use thyroid medication frequently notice an elevation in their low SHBG values.


Not only did a more contemporary research exploration confirm the aforementioned findings but also displayed that all the threat was in conformity with the association of SHBG with diabetes mellitus, lessened high density lipoproteins, increase in body weight etc.

Subsequently, it could be conferred that SHBG as such is not contributory, but is an indication that something is mistaken otherwise.

It is inferred that possession of decreased values of SHBG is significant enough to raise a warning signal.

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