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Statins: How They Can Affect Testosterone Levels

Statins and their effects on testosterone

Let’s Start With Cholesterol…

Cholesterol is compulsory for every metabolic procedure

For the reason that cholesterol is such an imperative substance for your body, each solitary cell is accomplished to yield it.

Cholesterol is truly required by your body owing to the following reasons:

  • To mend your scratched blood vessels
  • To protect your nerves so they can convey the transport network of your body and
  • As an originator to the hormones of your body; what happens is that your body grosses cholesterol and constructs steroid hormones e.g. testosterone and estrogen.

Cholesterol is considered to be a nasty material so much so that the conventional field of medicine is infatuated with depressing the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

The principal medicines meant to lessen the levels of cholesterol in the blood are referred to as statin drugs, some examples of which are simvastatin, pravastatin atorvastatin etc.

Research investigations have revealed that statin drugs function by hindering that particular enzyme in your body that is supposed to manufacture cholesterol; however hindrance of this enzyme produces several undesirable effects.

As a matter of fact cholesterol is something that you certainly have need of and subdued levels of cholesterol can actually be a cautionary signal for you.

Conversely, adequate levels of cholesterol signify a salubrious liver for the reason that it is your liver which manufactures cholesterol.

If you have a strong heart, it simply conveys the fact that it encompasses ten percent unadulterated cholesterol; your brain contains more cholesterol as compared to your heart; and half of your adrenal glands comprise this vital building chunk of your body cells.

The reimbursements of cholesterol are as follows:

  • Significant for growth of brain
  • Defends your nerves against destruction or grievance
  • Upkeeps scratched arteries
  • Boosts immune functions
  • Proposes bounciness to red blood cells
  • Steadies and defends cell membranes
  • Is the straightforward component of most erotic hormones
  • Assists establishment of skin
  • Is the vital constituent which your skin employs to create vitamin D
  • Is the elementary component employed to produce the stress hormones of the body

Customarily, your body creates around 1/2 to 1 gram cholesterol every day; the leading manufacturers of cholesterol are as follows:

  • Your liver
  • Your small intestines

The aforementioned organs discharge cholesterol into the blood circulation where it is promptly knotted to blood proteins that are accountable for conveying it to their selected areas.

Since cholesterol comprises fat and protein molecules, therefore it is titled the name lipoprotein.


Lots of statin drugs are by now available in the market and these perform by impeding a crucial liver enzyme known as HMG Co-A reductase, which controls a vital phase in the creation of cholesterol.

By chance, this enzyme is also very central in the manufacture of another dynamic element known as Coenzyme Q10.

The latter is a vital fragment of the energy- generating mechanism of each cell of the body. It is mostly essential for those materials that necessitate an extreme vitality, specifically the heart and the muscles.

Since they impede manufacture of CoQ10, all statin drugs can hamper normal muscle function and can even generate muscle injury.

A statin known as Baycol had to be taken away from the promotion in the year 2001 for the reason that it exterminated thirty-one individuals who perished from kidney breakdown owing to Rhabdomyolysis…severe muscle damage with immense demolition of muscle tissue which can cause liver and kidney let-down.

Additional undesirable effects of statins take account of the following:

  • Liver impairment
  • Intellectual deficiency
  • Amplified threat of malignancy
  • Congestive heart failure

Statins and Reduced Levels of Testosterone

According to a recent research exploration, the usage of statins causes a reduction in the levels of testosterone; this in turn could result in difficulty with erections.

The investigation concentrated on males who had grumbled and seeked the advice of a doctor about impairment in erectile function.

It was concluded that males who were using statins had decreased levels of testosterone in comparison to males who were not using statins.

As far as the connection between statins and testosterone is concerned, it is known that occasionally depleted levels of testosterone and the circumstances that may reason a necessity for statins can be triggered by the same thing.

Since cholesterol is also required for the creation of testosterone, therefore the impeding features of statins (which assist the manufacture of cholesterol at lower levels) may also interfere with the production of testosterone.

Even though depleted levels of testosterone do not essentially give rise to debilitated erections, yet it is crucial to recognize that a depressed sex urge is frequently the aftermath of reduced creation of testosterone, and can give rise to incapacity or erotic impairment.


The entire impression that depressing cholesterol levels will mend heart health and reduce the frequency of heart ailment is incorrect.

Medical reports show that though individuals who use statins have depressed levels of cholesterol, yet they have the same occurrence of heart attacks and cardiac bereavements as those who do not make use of statins.

The single cause you endure to make out the advantages of depressing cholesterol is because statin drugs produce huge earnings for the pharmacological businesses.

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