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Things That Can Drop Testosterone Levels


Research scientists have revealed that subdued levels of testosterone are associated with other conditions of well-being counting:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Metabolic syndrome (a collection of biochemical and physiological anomalies associated with the development of cardiovascular ailment and noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus)
  • Impaired function of erection

A subdued level of testosterone is usual with age and upsets lots of males across the globe.

There are no well-defined symptoms to exhibit that men are experiencing it.

Conversely, when it has sneaked in, men cannot omit it.

Individuals who endure subdued levels of testosterone also grumble about despair, tiredness and a pause in their sexual needs.

The Main Culprits:


These have high omega-3 fatty-acids and are amazingly well-known; conversely, their undesirable influences overshadow their remunerations, particularly in males.

This is because the flaxseeds are exceedingly rich in lignans. The latter are decidedly estrogenic, and diminish the levels of total and free testosterone; they also subdue the enzyme 5-a reductase which transforms testosterone into its more powerful form of dihydrotestosterone.

Lignans effort by aggregating the levels of the sex hormone binding globulin, which not only joins into free-testosterone molecules but also makes them dormant for the undeviating use of androgen receptors.


Used in certain European countries, it is often used in teas, tobacco, sweets and chewing gums. Despite its remarkable tang, owing to the primary compound in it…glycyrrhizic acid; the latter contributes an incredible taste to licorice root.

Licorice can subdue the creation of testosterone. Even though this decrease in testosterone is certainly alterable, it is not slightly insignificant.

During one study, glycyrrhizic acid was check out on human beings.  7 fit males were provided 7 gram of licorice each day via profitable available candy tablets (holding 0.5 grams of glycyrrhizic acid).

Four days subsequent to the initiation of research exploration, the levels of whole testosterone lessened from 740 nanograms per deciliter to 484 nanograms per deciliter.

High PUFA Vegetable Oils

PUFA represents polyunsaturated fatty-acid i.e. fatty acids have more than one double bond in the carbon chain.

They are unsaturated because they omit hydrogen atoms. High–PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty-acid) vegetable oils are a ruin for creation of testosterone in men.

According to a study, intensified consumption of polyunsaturated fatty-acids diminishes the levels of testosterone. Except for coconut, olive, avocado and palm oil, almost all vegetable oils are rich in PUFA. Also high-PUFA vegetable oils with omega-6 fatty acids are a tragedy for males.

Herbs Associated With Mint Clan

Numerous herbs from the mint clan (such as spearmint, peppermint etc) are identified to have testosterone reducing effects. Both the aforementioned are profoundly used for gastronomic purposes; moreover they are also present in the following:

  1. Soaps
  2. Shampoos
  3. Cough syrups
  4. Tooth pastes
  5. Lip salves
  6. Herbal teas


Imbibing liquor has a substantial inclination of dropping the levels of testosterone. Furthermore, the greater its dose, the greater is its poisonous effect.

In humans, substantial intake of alcohol is intensely associated with depressed levels of testosterone and persistent liquor consumers are inclined to have much greater levels of estrogen and much depressed levels of testosterone when compared to their equivalents who do not imbibe liquor.

Though liquor is likely to drop the levels of testosterone, yet the dose truly makes the venom; therefore a small number of drinks are not going to turn gentlemen into castrated men.

Soy Products

Owing to theextraordinary quantity of phyto-estrogenic isoflavones found in soybeans, it is declared time and again that soy would produce comparable effects in the human male body as the chief female erotic hormone estrogen.


These are familiar offshoots of a procedure known as hydrogenation. Uncooked oils are toughened by distributing hydrogen atoms through the oil in elevated pressure with the presence of nickel.

As a consequence, some of the unsaturated molecules in the uncooked oils become effusively saturated and for that reason hard and dense at room temperature.

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