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Tribulus 1000 (by NOW Sports): Review


Every now and then, testosterone supplement manufacturers seem to think that relying on one ingredient of their choice will address all testosterone conditions. Unfortunately, from time to time, manufacturers do get the ingredients wrong because they don’t seem to spend as much time on researching ingredients as they do marketing the product.

Tribulus 1000 by NOW Sports may be a prime example of what I’m talking about. This supplement relies solely on one ingredient, tribulus terrestris, which will apparently help to rejuvenate the body and support natural testosterone production.

Advertising Claims

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Promotes a healthy endocrine function
  • Supports male reproductive health

Manufacturer Name & Address

Now Foods, 244 Knollwood Drive, Suite 300, Bloomingdale, IL 60108


  • Tribulus Terrestris (Standardized Extract) (Min. 45% Saponins) (Aerial Parts And Fruit) (1,000 mg) is a type of plant that forms a part of Ayurveda. This ingredient has been utilized for generations, where its roots and fruits have been used to promote male vitality and virility. Experts believe that the root element is effective for enhancing the libido and overall sexual well-being, and the fruit element is known to provide protective properties to certain organs. In terms of actual testosterone enhancement, it seemingly does very little, and this is despite numerous claims about it being some “wonder ingredient” that will skyrocket testosterone.

Is the Marketing Honest?

Thankfully, there isn’t a long list of marketing claims, as seen with some one-ingredient supplements. The first claim, suitable for vegetarians is certainly true because the primary ingredient is certainly a type of plant/vegetable, and this supplement is capsulated using veggie-caps.

The second claim is a bit ambiguous. By stating that it promotes a healthy endocrine function sends out the message that this supplement has some interaction with testosterone, which is a major part of endocrinology in males. Repeated studies have suggested that tribulus terrestris does not have any interaction with testosterone, minus one study, where trivial increases were shown in infertile men. Unfortunately, the results could not be repeated in subsequent studies. As a result, I feel that this advertising claim is slightly dishonest.

And the final claim, that Tribuvar 1000 supports male reproductive health may hold some water. Tribulus terrestris on its own is widely acknowledged to be a potent libido enhancer, and this in turn can be interpreted as supporting male reproductive health.

Does Tribulus 1000 Come With a Moneyback Guarantee?


Can Tribulus 1000 Trigger Any Side Effects?

Tribulus 1000 by Now Sports appears to be side-effect free.

How Much Is It?

  • 1 container (90 servings), 90 Tablets $10.99
  • 1 container (180 servings), 180 tablets $19.99

Tribulus 1000 Pros & Cons


  • Reasonable price
  • Side-effect free


  • No moneyback guarantee
  • Ingredient doesn’t  match purported benefits
  • No benefit to testosterone

Where Can I Buy Tribulus 1000?

You can buy Tribulus 1000 from Walgreens, Amazon and other health supplement retailors.

Final Verdict

As a testosterone supplement, Tribulus 1000 in my opinion is a complete failure. The sole ingredient, tribulus terrestris has no correlation to testosterone enhancement. It will certainly enhance the libido but anything beyond this is highly unlikely.

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