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Ultra T Gold (by Ageless Foundation): Review


Most testosterone boosters target the bodybuilding market because traditionally it’s the meatheads that have been attracted towards testosterone related products because they help them get big, or at least that’s what they think.

For older guys with low testosterone who don’t necessarily workout tend to fall into the hands of doctors who usually offer a selection of medically prescribed treatments. Testosterone treatments, especially testosterone replacement therapy has been receiving a lot of bad press due to the nature of the side effects, and as a result, there’s been a surge in new low testosterone supplements that target the slightly older guys.

Ultra T Gold is precisely one of these.

Advertising Claims

  • Supports natural increases in free testosterone
  • Helps promote “normal” sex drive + performance
  • Drug free

Manufacturer Name & Address

No address details provided, but you can call 1-888-456-3336


  • Testofen® (Fenugreek PE 50% Fenuside) (600 mg) is derived from fenugreek, a type of plant that’s suspected of possessing cognitive, mood and immune enhancing properties. A recent study noted formidable increases in testosterone, erection rigidity and power output.

Male Enhancement Blend (100 mg)

  • Saw Palmetto Berry Powder is a type of fatty acid mix derived from “Serenoa repens”. Its recently been touted for possessing prostate growth suppressing effects, as well as testosterone enhancing properties, but there’s no studies to substantiate this claim.
  • Astragalus Root Powder is a fundamental herb of traditional Chinese medicine, and has long traditionally been used to provide anti-inflammatory effects and maybe beneficial to the kidneys. This ingredient doesn’t seem to correspond with any of the advertising claims.
  • Phytosterol (40% Beta Sitosterol) are steroid compounds that are similar to cholesterol.
  • Asian Ginseng Root Powder belongs to the ginseng family and studies seem to suggest that it possesses immunity, cognitive, erectile, exercise and testosterone enhancing properties.
  • Tribulus Fruit Extract belongs to Ayurveda. It’s a type of plant and both its roots and fruits have been used for centuries to aid the libido. Studies seem to suggest that the root part is effective in boosting the sex drive, and the fruit element provides protective properties to various organs. In terms of testosterone enhancement, it appears to be ineffective.
  • L-Arginine is a type of essential amino acid, vital for maintaining healthy blood flow and nitric oxide levels. Unfortunately, oral supplementation has thus far provided wayward results.

Is the Marketing Honest?

Ultra T Gold claims to support natural increases in free testosterone. This is probably true because fenugreek, which is one of the main selling points, has demonstrated formidable increases in testosterone in one particular study.

The second claim, “helps promote a normal sex drive and performance” can be attributed to fenugreek, Asian ginseng, and tribulus terrestris. All these ingredients have libido enhancing qualities.

And the final claim that this product is drug-free is also accurate because there don’t appear to be any pharmaceutical grade ingredients in Ultra T Gold.

Unfortunately, 90% of the ingredient doses are hidden behind the proprietary blend. Therefore it’s almost impossible to try and establish whether Ultra T Gold is adequately dosed.

Does Ultra T Gold by Ageless Foundation Come With a Moneyback Guarantee?


Can Ultra T Gold by Ageless Foundation Trigger Any Side Effects?

Ultra T by Ageless Foundation appears to be side-effect free.

How Much Is It?

  • 1 container (30 servings), 60 capsules $25.48

Ultra T Gold by Ageless Foundation Pros & Cons


  • Contains some quality ingredients with proven track-record
  • Will increase testosterone
  • Reasonable price
  • Side-effect free


  • Contains some filler ingredients with no relevance
  • No moneyback guarantee

Where Can I Buy Ultra T Gold by Ageless Foundation?

You can buy Ultra T Gold from

Ultra T Gold by Ageless Foundation Final Verdict

Ultra T Gold appears to be a decent supplement. Other than a number of filler ingredients, and have no relevance to testosterone enhancement or any of the advertising claims, it does contain a couple of proven testosterone boosters. Ingredients such as fenugreek and ginseng have proven track records when it comes to testosterone elevation, as highlighted in repeated studies.

For my liking, Ultra T Gold could do with maybe a couple of more proven testosterone enhancers for this product to really stand out.

And finally, all the ingredients (-1) are hidden behind the proprietary blend, and the exact quantities are not disclosed. This makes it almost impossible to try and establish whether Ultra T Gold will be effective when it comes to raising testosterone.

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